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2018 July Newsletter

What’s New, Worth Checking Out & Sales!

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Here is a sample of new products we’ve added to our inventory. Be sure to visit the nursery to see ALL of the latest products and plants!

3-Pocket Black Zinc Wall Planter

Bring some life to your walls – literally – with these wall planters, the perfect decoration for your home. $28.75.

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Sedum Wine Bottle Planter

Are you a wine enthusiast? Looking for long lasting color & life for your dining or bar table? This Sedum Wine Bottle Planter is just the decoration you need to complete your space! $22.

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Planted Bird Cages

The boss got tired of staring at empty bird cages in the gift shop, so he turned them into planters! LOVE how these turned out.

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Potted Sarracenia

Gorgeous Sarracenia arrangement for your patio table. $60.

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Members of the Band – Concrete Frog Statues

Have you been searching for a new band member? We found two for you… $50 ea.

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Garden Decor Grasshopper

Show some love for the grasshoppers out there! $59.97.

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Rooster Planter

Add a country feel to your garden decor with our rustic metal Rooster Planter. $63.67.

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Spotted Bull

This bull is sure to be a perfect piece to add to any farm and garden collection. $234.88.

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Worth Checking Out

20″ Concrete Foo Dog

Guard your home with our 20″ concrete Foo Dogs. Whether placed in the front of your home or in the backyard, it is sure to be the focal point of your home!

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Assorted Pots

Varying in shapes and sizes, our pots are one-of-a-kind!

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Assorted Concrete Water Features

Gorgeous concrete water features available at Falling Water Gardens. Visit the nursery to see many of these on display.

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Concrete Tiki Statues

Assorted Tiki Statues available!

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Flamingo Cooler

Keep your drinks handy in the yard with this stylish flamingo cooler so the party never slows down! Other unique coolers available at Falling Water Gardens. 

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Don’t forget to take a peek at the items on the discount table in the gift shop! We still have all sorts of goodies that are marked at 50% off!


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**Many of the items offered at Falling Water Gardens are limited quantities and cannot or will not be reordered. If you love it then make sure to visit us and take it home before we sell out!

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